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Mornin’ Y’all!

So with the holidays rapidly approaching I wanted to share one of my favorite sangria recipes that I found on Pinterest a year or so ago.  I absolutely love sangria…white or red… they’re all delicious, and since the summer I’ve been a complete sangria monster consuming sangria any chance I get.   I don’t know whats wrong with me but I can’t help myself.  (Last year I was binging on margaritas.)

Fall is my absolute favorite time of year (I guess this makes me a basic white girl, right?)  It always has been and always will be the best season in my eyes.  Pumpkin everything and pretty foliage, boots and scarves, that’s all a part of my love for the season but what really makes me love fall are the holidays.  I come from an enormous family and Thanksgiving and Christmas (I know this is a winter holiday) are huge to us.  We go all out!  Nothing better than time with family eating amazing food and throwing back some cocktails.  And I can’t forget Halloween.  I love the festivities and wearing costumes!  Though I have to admit, last year and this year have been the first Halloween’s that I did not dress up.  Huge bummer, but as a single gal with barely any single friends, the older I get the less fun everyone else gets.  (I’ll save this topic for another day.)

Back to the SANGRIA!

I made this a few times for Thanksgiving festivities and it was a huge hit.  It’s pretty easy to make but there are a bunch of ingredients.  I didn’t spend a fortune but it can get pricey depending on what you buy, but luckily this is the kind of recipe where you can leave an ingredient or two out if you wanted.   Below is the original link to the recipe!  Hope you all enjoy!  Leave questions or comments if you decide to try it, I’d love to hear what you think!  Drink responsibly!

Honeycrisp Apple Sangria:

Thank you nutmegnanny.com for the pictures and recipe!