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Can you tell I’m excited?!

About a month ago I was sitting on my couch in my robe, drinking a cup of coffee, cat staring at me whilst on my lap, surfing the net (typical Tara scenario) when I see a text from my sister pop up, “whatcha doing?”  I INSTANTLY knew something was up.  Call it a sister’s intuition.   Is that a thing?  Well it is now.  I text her back painting that beautiful image of me on the couch and the first thing I said to myself was, “She’s going to call me and tell me shes pregnant.”  I have no idea why I thought that.  It’s not like she’s told me she was ready to start a family and wanted to have a baby soon.  Last I checked she and her husband were waiting until she was finished with school.   Sure enough 30 seconds later my phone rings and I answer as suspicious as possible only to hear, “You’re going to be an aunt!”  All I could say was, “I KNEW YOU WERE GOING TO CALL AND TELL ME THAT!”

I never expected to be as excited as I was/am.  I am the oldest child, with two brothers and my sister Kelly.  Kelly is the youngest and has been married for almost four years to her husband Dan. This is the first grandchild in our immediate family and we all are so pumped!  My sister being pregnant naturally means that I’m having a baby as well, right? Obviously. Me being the over-protective, smothering, and loving older sister that I am I made sure to lay down the law and let her know right off the bat that this baby has two moms, to which she replied, “I know.”  Awesome.  

As any big sister, when the news finally started to break to friends and family, aka me telling the world, I can only help but scream in everyone’s face, “We’re pregnant!  I mean… Kelly’s pregnant!”  Totally normal.

So there’s that.  I am beyond excited and can’t believe I’m going to have a niece or nephew in a few months!  Since the minute my sister told me the news I’ve been on Pinterest everyday looking at baby stuff.  I swear the baby is a girl, but she finds out the sex on December 19th!  Just three days before my birthdaaaayyy!

If you’d love to hear more about my sister and her pregnancy journey being a 22 year old student, wife, cross-fitter, and mommy-to-be, follow her blog! Below is her link.  Send her some love!




Me and my sister Kelly in Ireland! <3

Me and my sister Kelly in Ireland! ❤

baby kel

Can’t believe my little baby is having a baby! I hope it comes out looking just like this!!! (This picture is from the day she was brought home from the hospital!  I think I’ll have that same grin on my face when I get to hold my new niece or nephew <3)


Sistaaasss ❤