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Hey everyone!  I hope you all had an amazing holiday season! I can’t believe it all came and went so fast.  I’m always kind of depressed the day after Christmas like, “wow it’s over!”

Santa was very good to me this year and I loved being home for the week spending time with my family.  I could not wait to come back to NYC to get away from all of the food and holiday cookies though.  My fridge here is empty, thank goodness.  I’m almost positive if I stayed at my parent’s house for one more day I’d have gone into a diabetic shock from all of the cookies, pie, and cake I was eating!  Needless to say I was actually dreaming of going to the gym which is something I didn’t think I’d ever hear myself say.

PS- In case you missed it on my social media accounts, here is my Christmas card I sent out!

Single girl swag.

Single girl swag.

Taking pictures of holiday outfits suddenly turned into me wearing a Santa hat and throwing a scarf on my cat while trying to force him to take pictures with me.  Fast forward three hours later and this happened.  I’m not even slightly ashamed.   It took about 70 shots to get one where he wasn’t in action jumping out of my arms, trying to scratch me, or hiding under the bed trying desperately to stay away from me.  Sebastian was basically tortured in the making of this but I think it was worth it, don’t you?  It’s safe to say I’ll be starting off the year 2015 very single until this image is permanently deleted from everyone’s brains.  I will say that I am proud of almost blowing up the internet when I posted this on Facebook.  I didn’t expect it to be such a hit!  I guess I’m just glad people are supportive of my cat lady-ness.  Or they feel sorry for me, not sure which.  Haha! (Ps- this was a joke and I was not serious about this Christmas card, just want to throw that out there, especially for the fellas.)

Anyway, so tonight is New Year’s Eve!  I love celebrating the new year!  Any reason to dress up in head to toe sparkle is reason enough to celebrate for me.  2014 was a year of a lot of change for me with getting a job in Manhattan and moving to New Jersey.  I have really high hopes for 2015 and feel really great about the new year!  I just turned 28 last week and 28 is supposed to be the best year of your 20’s, so I’m thinking 2015 will be the best year ever!

As far as New Year’s resolutions go?  I think I have the same one every year, to get in shape.  I really want this to be the year I feel great in my own skin and I can’t say I’ve ever felt that way.  Also, I’m going to attempt to watch my mouth and stop cursing.  I have the mouth of a sailor sometimes and I’ve recently noticed myself cursing at times I shouldn’t be….like in church or in front of my little cousins at the family Christmas party.  Whoops. I feel like a terrible person and I feel we really don’t even notice anymore what we say.   Sitting on the subway I hear people around me having conversations just peppered with f-bombs left and right like it’s nothing and I think, you’re in public?  In close quarters with others?  Why are you talking like that?  There are children around?  Do you hear yourself?  I’m usually good at watching what I say depending where I am or who I’m with, but I feel like lately I’ve been noticing myself saying things when I shouldn’t.  So yeah, I’m going to try to clean it up 🙂

What are some of your New Year’s resolutions?  I’d love to hear them!

I hope you all stay safe tonight ringing in 2015!!