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What’s uppppp!

How was everyone’s Valentine’s Day weekend?  Mine was cold.  Very, very, cold.  Just like my love life…  HA HA HA.  Just kidding, sort of.

I don’t know about all of you, but this single-digit cold front has me with a severe case of Spring fever!!  So, with this unbearable weather making me want to hibernate, I put on my best and most hideous flannel pajama set Friday night and stayed in it until this morning.  Also, because I love Me, I ordered myself a nice, romantic, medium-sized pizza and a ginormous piece of chocolate cake on Saturday night.  Pair that with non-stop TV/Netflix watching and I’d say it was an all-around glorious Valentine’s day.  Who needs a man.

But enough about that.  Since I am an avid coffee drinker and am borderline addicted, I wanted to highlight a cool coffee shop I’ve recently discovered in my neighborhood!

It’s called ModCup and it’s every bit of retro/1960’s awesomeness. Only a few blocks away from my Jersey City apartment, ModCup sits across the street from Riverview-Fisk Park which offers the best scenic view of the New York City skyline.  When you walk in you are greeted by the young and extremely friendly staff, and can’t help but look around at the fun 1960’s decor.  Vintage records and books line shelves in the seating area as well as an awesome 1960’s style pod chair!

Not only are these guys determined to brew the best coffee around, but their mission is to bring customers the ultimate coffee brewing experience.  This could not be more apparent during my first visit as they provided me with an artistic yet scientific demonstration while making my cup.  It’s safe to say they live and breathe coffee, scouring countries such as Africa, Indonesia, and places in Central and South America to bring the freshest and finest ingredients.  They also offer brewing classes for coffee enthusiasts!

If you live in or around Hoboken/Jersey City, definitely make a stop at this hidden gem!  Also, be sure to buy some coffee to take home and enjoy or a gift set for the special coffee-lover in your life!

You can discover more about ModCup and their mission by visiting their site here: http://modcup.com/

Below are some pictures I took while there (as seen on my Instagram feed!)


Picture courtesy of ModCup's Instagram account @Modcupcoffee

Picture courtesy of ModCup’s Instagram account @Modcupcoffee