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So a little tidbit about me: Before I graduated high school I was torn between Interior Design and Fashion as a career path.  I am EXTREMELY artistic, creative, and love everything about home decorating, but I’ve also been fashion-obsessed since I was a small child.  I was the ultimate child-diva and at summer camp when I was in 5th grade I received an end-of-the-summer award for “Most Likely To Be On The Cover Of Vogue.”  Mainly because I used to sit in the shade being fabulous wearing my sunglasses and applying lip gloss while all of the others kids ran around on the playground.  So proud.  But I eventually decided on fashion as my career path and it’s been incredibly rewarding.  I’ve made a great career for myself on top of opening up my own boutique! I definitely made the right choice!

Though I live and breathe apparel in my professional career, I can’t help but still have the urge to interior decorate!  My favorite thing to do is rehab old furniture; take something old and make it something stylish and new.  So I wanted to start sharing some of my past projects with you!

Two years ago, I needed extra drawer space in my bedroom while I was living in my row-home apartment in the Manayunk section of Philadelphia.  So while visiting my grandmother one day, I noticed one of the old dressers she’s had for YEARS prior to me ever being born.  In perfect condition and super-sturdy, she tells me, “Take it!  I don’t want it!”  Score.  Free dresser.   Next I take a trip to Home Depot and get some paint, a stencil from Michael’s Crafts, and voila!  A DIY project has been born!

Below are the before and after results!  (Some of these pictures were taken from Instagram account, hence the not-so-great quality.)

A DIY project is not complete without wine and your step-father’s painting clothing:


I’m sorry now that I didn’t take a better “before” picture of the dresser.  Here it was already sanded.

Dresser before (already sanded) and after with a coat of paint and stencil design.

Dresser before (already sanded) and after with a coat of paint and stencil design.


After I painted the dresser this jade green color, I used a sander to go over it for a distressed look. The handles were spray-painted black.



My Favorite part about this dresser is that the inside of the drawers originally had old newspaper articles printed on the wood.  The articles are dated from the 1870’s.  Super cool detail!


What do ya think?  I will share the other pieces I did for my bedroom in a second post!

‘Till next time!